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MK Technologies Scale Platforms & Scale Pads

At MK Technologies, we design and build our platforms to the highest standards to give our customers the three main features they need the most:
Reliability– engineered to be square and rigid
Accuracy– consistent, repeatable results
Speed– quick and easy assembly.

Item Application Description
MKT1000 Stock Car professional grade roll off scale pad levellers
MKT1200 Prototypes, GT Cars scale trays designed to work with set-up wheels
MKT1400 Nearly any application stands for load-cell equipped setup wheels
MKT1500 High performance street cars wheel alignment stands for automotive shop use
MKT2000 Formula / Sports Racer only compact and lightweight, 4" ramps
MKT3000 Small GT designed for 15"x15" scale pads, 4" ramps
MKT3500 NASCAR / GT / Prototype heavy-duty, 10" ramps with support legs
MKT3700 Prototype very low cars can roll up without bottoming
MKT3800 NASCAR / GT 10"-12" tall platform for easy access under car
MKT4000 Multi-car teams adjustable wheelbase & track for any car, 15" ramps
MKT5000 Indy / Prototype zero-deflection scale pads, 10" ramps
MKT6000 Tech inspection custom designed to match your requirements
ZeD 1.4 Scale Pads Custom made for any platform Zero-Deflection, rectangular, accurate & repeatability
ZeD 2.2 Scale Pads Nearly any application Zero-Deflection, triangular, perfect with Setup Wheels
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MK Technologies Chassis Alignment Equipment

The racing world is the nucleus of the automotive industries' high-technology focus.
MK Technologies believes there is a need to bring true technological answers to the challenges that race technicians face.
We have designed a series of chassis alignment equipment that meets your racing technology objectives.
We use innovative design and all-aluminum construction to meet the high standards of racers.

Item Description
Setup Wheels chassis alignment without wheels and tires mounted
Parallel String Toe Bars custom fit to your vehicle, auto-retracting strings
Toe / Camber Board for use with any parallel string bars, adjustable
Ride Height Gauge under chassis reference points
Setup Wheel Ride Height Gauge top-down measurement, attaches to MKT Setup Wheels
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MK Technologies Pit Equipment

Like all MKT products, our pit equipment uses innovative design and all-aluminum construction to meet the high standards of racers.
All of our equipment is tough, yet lightweight. Innovative in design, yet simple to use.
We pride ourselves on building best pit equipment available on the market.

Item Description
A-Frame Lift car/engine hoist with electric winch, folds like a jack-knife
Chassis Stands, High waist height, folding stands
Chassis Stands, Low quick lift height, fixed stands
Chassis Stand, Rolling collapsible rolling stand for formula or sports racing cars
Rear Quick Lift steerable lift for formula or sports racing cars
Front Quick Lift wing lift or cross bar models for formula or sports racing cars
Universal Quick Lift 1" low profile
Bodywork Stands light weight stands to keep your formula car bodywork safe
Tire Cart lightweight and collapsible
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MK Technologies Scale Platform Accessories

Below is a list of some of the more popular accessories that are common to most platforms.
To see all the accessories available for a specific scale platform, go to the scale platform page you are interested in.
Each platform page lists all accessories available for that specific platform and contains links to view photos and descriptions of each accessory.
If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask.

Item Description
Platform System Cart for transportation and storage of scale platforms
Platform Storage Brackets wall mount brackets to store pontoons and ramps
Custom Graphics Package make use of the available space with team or sponsor logos
Air Jack Landing Pads pads for using your car's built in air jacks while on a scale platform
Turntables part of a complete precision allignment system
Adjustable Bridges allows platform to be adjusted for different wheelbase cars
Hinged Ramps for cars with extremely low ride heights
Levelling Foot Extension Kit for levelling scale pads on extremely uneven terrain
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Intercomp & Longacre Racing Equipment

MK Technologies can supply all products from both Intercomp and Longacre Racing.
If you have any questions about anything that you may have seen in their catalog, please give us a call.

MKT Price List

Click the link below for a complete price list of MK Technologies products, accessories, and service parts.
Although we make every effort to keep prices current and accurate on this website and on the price list, please note that prices may change without notice.

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Price List PDF

Warranty & Service Policy

At MK Technologies, our goal is to build the best and most reliable racing products on the market.
Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Should a problem arise with one of our products, we want to help.
Please click the link below for a copy of the MK Technologies warranty and service policy.

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Warranty and Service Policy PDF
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