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ZeD 2.1 Triangular Scale Pads

MK Technologies’ ZeD family of zero-deflection scale pads are quite simply the most accurate scale pad on the market.

ZeD Triangular Scale Pads were designed as the perfect companion to our Setup Wheels, but our pads are also capable of weighing from anywhere on the top surface with the same amazing accuracy. Three internal load cells in each pad guarantee a repeatable accuracy of 0.1 lb whether you use them with setup wheels or with the tire directly on the pad.

The triangular configuration makes these scale pads quick and easy to level. Maximum load on a standard pad is 1000 lbs, and we can build higher capacity pads as an option.

For 2016 MK Technologies has produced the ZeD 2.1 with plenty of upgrades both inside and out compared to the previous 2.0 design:

• Better internal wiring: circuit board based for easier assembly and service.
• Bolt-together “laminated” top plate: a ¼” base is lightly machined to ensure flatness then bolted to a ¼” cover with cut-outs for the hard plates. The top cover can be anodized any colour.
• The hard-steel plates (the setup wheel rolling surfaces) are now triangular in shape, allowing us to bolt them down while keeping the bolt heads from interfering with setup wheel movement.
• Custom sizing is available to suit our customer’s set-up wheel dimensions.
• Wireless scale controller is now a Samsung 7” tablet with Bluetooth connectivity.
• New additional option: rolling travel case with custom internal mounts to ensure the scales pack easily and travel well.
ZeD 2.1 Triangular Scale Pads with Samsung 7" tablet.

ZeD 2.1 Triangular Scale Pad with Samsung 7" tablet.

ZeD Triangular Scale Pad Travel Case.   ZeD Triangular Scale Pad Travel Case.

Item Catalog # Price USD
ZeD 2.1 Triangular Scale Pads - wireless - set of 4 80.940 $5,995.00
Accessories Catalog # Price USD
ZeD Triangular Scale Pad Travel Case 82.910 Please call

ZeD 2.0 Triangular Scale Pads.
ZeD 2.0 Triangular Scale Pads shown with MKT Setup Wheels.

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