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Tire Cart

The MK Technologies Tire Cart is perfect for tire storage in the shop or at the track.

The cart is sturdy yet light weight, and can be quickly disassembled and stored flat by simply removing the horizontal connecting tubes.

The standard model Tire Cart rolls on heavy-duty casters (pictured). Our pneumatic tire model is perfect for towing behind an ATV or golf cart, of for easier rolling on rough or uneven surfaces.

Both of our tire carts include a tow bar (not pictured) as standard equipment.

The standard size Tire Cart will hold 4 complete sets of F2000 race tires.

Item Catalog # Price USD
Tire Cart - with heavy-duty casters 84.510 $695.00
Tire Cart - with 8-inch pneumatic tires 84.511 $895.00

Our standard Tire Cart with heavy-duty casters. *** PLEASE NOTE: A toe bar is standard equipment on all MKT Tire Carts, but is not pictured in the photo above.

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