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10" Hinged Ramps


Hinged Ramps

MK Technologies designed their Hinged Ramps with formula cars in mind. The hinged end allows cars with extremely low ride heights to make the climb onto a scale platform without bottoming out.

Our Hinged Ramps come in standard widths or they can be custom built to match the specifications of your platform. Prices listed are for replacing standard ramps with hinged ramps when ordering an MKT scale platform.

Item Catalog # Price USD
Hinged Ramps, 4" - replaces standard ramps - set of 2 82.660 $495.00
Hinged Ramps, 6" - replaces standard ramps - set of 2 82.670 $495.00
Hinged Ramps, 10" - replaces standard ramps - set of 2 82.680 $495.00

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