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Chassis Stand, Rolling

Chassis Stands

MK Technologies manufactures 3 types of chassis stands.

High Stands
High stands are all aluminium folding chassis stands that are custom designed to meet the specific needs for your car. For example, the high stands shown in the bottom left photo are for Fran Am cars; one stand hooks into the quick lift lugs on the rear wing, while the other stand supports the car under the raised front floor section. This arrangement leaves the removable floor of the car ready to be serviced while up on the stands.

Low Stands
The MK Technologies low stands are made of aluminium, and feature a very simple, durable design. Custom made to the height needed when your car is raised on the quick lifts.

Rolling Stands
The MK Technologies Rolling Chassis Stand is a sturdy aluminium stand perfect for formula or sports racing cars. The stand can be quickly disassembled and stored flat by simply removing the 2 horizontal connecting tubes. The standard Rolling Chassis Stand has heavy-duty casters allow the chassis to roll easily around the shop or paddock. For rolling on uneven or rough surfaces, our stand is also available with 8-inch pneumatic tires.

Item Catalog # Price USD
Chassis Stands, High - set of 2 84.210 $495.00
Chassis Stands, Low - set of 2 84.220 $195.00
Chassis Stand, Rolling 84.290 $495.00
Chassis Stand, Rolling - with 8-inch pneumatic tires 84.291 $625.00

Chassis Stands, High.

Chassis Stand, Rolling.

Chassis Stands, High, with rear quick lift mount.
Chassis Stands, Low.

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