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A-Frame Lift

  The MK Technologies’ A-Frame Lift is in a class of its own. It has a lifting capacity of 2000 lbs and can effortlessly pick up a formula or sports racing car. Our A-frame can also be used to assist with engine changes, clutch services or any maintenance jobs. It can move heavy items around your shop or be used to load a pick-up truck.

Our A-Frame folds up without using tools. There are no bolts required to attach leg brace, and slam latches secure the knuckles in place of bolts (see photos below). Wheels and a handle allow for ease of storage and transport. Optional extension legs will allow you to adjust the height of the A-Frame (see photo below).

Rather than a common winch, which is not certified and is prone to backsliding, we use a Warn DC1200 hoist. This hoist is certified for use in overhead lifting and has a positive action brake that locks the cable drum if power is removed.

The hoist operates on a 12v car battery and comes with a standard plug for race car jumper batteries. Battery not included.

Item Catalog # Price USD
A-Frame Lift - includes 12v hoist 84.110 $2,995.00
Accessories Catalog # Price USD
A-Frame Lift Storage Brackets 84.120 $695.00
A-Frame Lift Leg Extensions 84.130 $595.00
A-Frame Lift Harness - for Formula Mazda and similar roll bars 84.140 $350.00
A-Frame Lift Replacement Rope 84.150 $90.00
A-Frame Lift Battery Bracket 84.160 $295.00


Our A-Frame folds up for easy transport and storage, and no tools are required.

No bolts required to attach leg brace. Just slide the brace onto the pin...   ... and swing latch into place. Latch can be locked in place with a bolt & wing nut.

Slam latches secure the knuckles... no bolts, no tools.
A-Frame lift with Ferrari engine. Now that's an engine you don't want to drop!

Optional extension legs for adjustable height.
Custom sizes available for special applications.

A-Frame being used at a hospital to install a pump.
An A-Frame in use in the pits.

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