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MKT3800 Scale Platform

The MKT3800 is a custom version of the MKT3500 built 10" to 12" high. The added height of this platform is extremely useful for making suspension adjustments from the underside of the vehicle.

The platform has the same great features of the MKT3500, such as composite-style scale pocket reinforcements and 10” x 2” bridges and ramps.
  Plus, the MKT3800 is adjustable for track right out of the box. Add a set of our optional Adjustable Bridges and you can adjust for wheelbase as well, giving you the flexibility needed to set up a wide variety of vehicles.

Shown with optional elephant stands for ramps, wheel stops and ride height measuring surface.

Item Catalog # Price USD
MKT3800 80.380 $5,795.00
Accessories Catalog # Price USD
Platform System Cart 82.110 please call
Pontoon Storage Brackets 82.210 $250.00
Ramp Storage Brackets 82.220 $250.00
Custom Graphics Package - for 2 pontoons 82.320 please call
Air Jack Landing Pads - custom 82.410 $895.00
Scale Pocket Fillers - fills scale pocket when not using scales - set of 2 82.420 $895.00
Turntables - part of a complete system, see Turntable page for details 82.450 $895.00
Adjustable Bridges, 10" - replaces standard fixed-length bridges - set of 2 82.540 $695.00
Fixed-Length Bridges, 10" - additional standard bridges - set of 2 82.570 $895.00
Down Ramps, 10" - replaces standard roll-off kit - set of 2 82.630 $995.00
Hinged Ramps, 10" - replaces standard ramps - set of 2 82.680 $495.00
4" Deep Platform - extra depth to accommodate the addition of slip tables, turntables etc. 82.710 please call
Levelling Foot Extension Kit - each kit contains 4 extensions 82.810 $35.00

This MKT3800 is outfitted with our optional turntable package, which includes everything you need to transform a standard platform into the ultimate precision alignment system.
See our Turntable page for details on the complete system.

Bullet Racing at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, 2010.
Bullet Racing at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, 2010.

MKT3800 platform at Sebring, 2010.
MKT3800 platform at Sebring, 2010.

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