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MKT3000 Scale Platform

A full size platform built for 15” x 15” scale pads. The system was designed for Touring Car, solo, formula cars or sports racing prototypes.

It uses 6” x 2” bridges and ramps and is engineered to be lightweight and easy to set up.

The MKT3000 is adjustable for track right out of the box. Add a set of our optional Adjustable Bridges and you can adjust for wheelbase as well, giving you the flexibility needed to set up a wide variety of vehicles.


Item Catalog # Price USD
MKT3000 80.300 $2,995.00
Accessories Catalog # Price USD
Platform System Cart 82.110 please call
Pontoon Storage Brackets 82.210 $250.00
Ramp Storage Brackets 82.220 $250.00
Custom Graphics Package - for 2 pontoons 82.320 please call
Air Jack Landing Pads - custom 82.410 $895.00
Turntables - part of a complete system, see Turntable page for details 82.450 $895.00
Fixed-Length Bridges, 6" - additional standard bridges - set of 2 82.560 $895.00
Hinged Ramps, 6" - replaces standard ramps - set of 2 82.670 $495.00
4" Deep Platform - extra depth to accommodate the addition of slip tables, turntables etc. 82.710 please call
Levelling Foot Extension Kit - each kit contains 4 extensions 82.810 $35.00


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