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About MK Technologies

The Business

The first MK Technologies alignment platform was built by Marty Knoll in 1992 for the Tom Johnston Racing Formula Atlantic car that was sponsored by Keen Engineering. Other teams began to notice the high quality of Marty's products, and he began building platforms for other teams while still working as a race mechanic.

Word of mouth advertising increased the demand steadily, and by 1998 it became necessary for the veteran crew chief to devote all of his time to engineering and fabricating new products. MK Technologies incorporated in 1999, and moved into the current 5000 square-foot shop in 2003.

Today MK Technologies is the recognized leader in the race support equipment field, and their ever-expanding line of advanced chassis alignment products has reached markets around the world.

Marty Knoll

Marty Knoll is the founder and principal of MK Technologies and has a 30 year history of passionate involvement in motorsports, from the grassroots level all the way to the world of IndyCar racing.

Marty was a Formula Ford and Formula Atlantic series regular, and has been a professional race mechanic and engineer for some top-name Canadian racers like Patrick Carpentier and Greg Moore.

Trained as a mechanical technologist, Marty has been involved with a wide variety of projects in motor racing and beyond, including working on a particle accelerator at the University of British Columbia.

When he's not at the shop designing and building world class race support equipment, Marty still likes to get behind the wheel whenever possible (have a look at our weekend adventures on the Photo Gallery page).
Marty Knoll, Founder and Principal.

Susan Floer, Office Administrator.
  The Shop

MK Technologies is a complete design, prototyping, fabrication and manufacturing facility. The company currently has a staff of six, most of whom hold certificates in mechanical or engineering technology.

MK Technologies has the following equipment in their facility:

• 10’ metal shear, capable of shearing 1/4” steel 10’ long
• 10’ hydraulic press brake, capable of bending 3/16” aluminium to 90º
• box and pan hand brake, for folding sheet metal boxes
• two tig welding machines with water cooled torches
• one mig welding machine for aluminium production work
• two mig welding machines for steel production work
• sliding chop saw
• horizontal band saw
• vertical knee-type milling machine
• 8” x 36” metal lathe
• large drill press
• hydraulic press
• computer stations for CAD design
Kinkaid (K.K.), Chairman Of The Bored.
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About MK Building Metals

MK Building Metals is a division of the MK group of companies. We design, fabricate and install metal products for commercial, industrial and residential settings. We work with aluminum, stainless steel and steel.

• Pergolas, trellises, gazebos and arbors
• Handrails and complete railing systems
• Posts for glass railing systems
• Staircases
• Canopies over doorways and windows
• Security bars for windows
• Steel lintels for brick fascia walls
• Miscellaneous metal items

MK Building Metals is proud of its' relationship as supplier to general contractors and builders.

Visit the MK Building Metals website at:
Stainless steel railings line the walkways at at downtown Kelowna's Stuart Park.

Aluminum Sunshades look great and keep out the heat.  
An aluminum arbour provides a home for climbing roses.

A forty foot diameter aluminum gazebo shades the hot tub at on the roof of Centuria Urban Village in Kelowna BC.
Aluminum pergolas cover patios at The Madison, a 15 story luxury condominium building in downtown Kelowna, BC.
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