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Longacre Sideslider Scale Pad Rollers

Sidesliders are designed for bind-free setups.

When you lift your car to put on scales the front wheels camber in at the bottom. As you let it down the wheels must be allowed to freely camber back out or there will be a small residual bind in the chassis. This will make your wheel weights (and your setups) less than perfect. To avoid this the front wheels must be able to easily move sideways.

With Longacre SideSliders your front wheels can move sideways effortlessly to relieve any camber-induced bind. This will assure you the most accurate, consistent setups possible.

Rollers are made from a tough, low friction polymer.

The set includes 2 Side Sliders for independent rear suspensions and 2 spacers to re-level your setup. Single SideSlider systems are also available.

Item Catalog # Price USD
Longacre SideSlider Scale Pad Rollers 72872 - set of 2 rollers & 2 spacers 87.620 $159.95

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