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Longacre Bump Steer Gauge

All new design for 2014. New compact frame. More rigid billet and tube design for the best accuracy. Bright dip anodized.

This simplified design uses a single precision dial indicator to display the exact amount of bump steer within .001". No need to subtract one dial reading from another - less chance for error.

• Most accurate, easiest and quickest way to measure critical bump steer.
  • New extended height design - check bump steer at ride height or on stands.
• Blank plate is formed, not billet.
• Adjustable stand.
• Precision dial indicator.

PLEASE NOTE: Photo shows Bump Steer Gauge 79005 with holes in the wheel plate. Bump Steer Gauge 79010 sold here is identical but comes with a blank wheel plate, no holes.


Item Catalog # Price USD
Longacre Bump Steer Gauge 79010 - blank plate, no holes 87.510 $204.90

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