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Longacre Computerscales® AccuSet II™ Basic Scale System

Simple to use:
Push one button for all 4 wheel weights plus Cross Weight. Push a second button for all partial %. Simple, uncluttered display, no unneeded information.

NEW for 2012 - Baseline Memory Recall:
Store your baseline setup in memory. Then recall it instantly to compare to the current setup. Saves time writing it down. This 1 slot memory is really handy and is super easy to use.

Satin Finished Scale Pads:
These new pads have a proprietary Satin finish and are flat to within .010".

LMF™ - Liquid Metal Forging:
Most of our scale pads are produced by this new state-of-the-art process that gives high material strength plus allows intricate internal ribs that give you as rigid a pad as possible for the most accurate weights.

Metric Option:
The AccuSet II control box is user switchable to metric readings.

More Features:
NEW Heavy duty Red HiFlex cables with Billet AN connectors.
Face is slanted for easier viewing.
4 LMF™ Swirl Finished 15" x 15" low profile pads with 1500 lb. per pad capacity and convenient carrying handles.
Includes silver carrying case for electronics and cables.
2-year limited warranty.
  Control Box Specifications:
Model: AccuSet II™
Memory: 1 slot
Batteries: 6 AA
Cables: Red
Case: Silver
  Scale Pad Specifications:
Size: 15" x 15" x 2 1/2"
Capacity: 1500 lb per pad
Finish: LMF Satin finish
Load cells per pad: 1

Item Catalog # Price USD
Longacre Computerscales AccuSet II™ Basic Scale System 72593 87.120 $1,049.00

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