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Intercomp Memory Tire / Brake Pyrometer System

Tire and brake temperatures tell the story. They are the best indicator of how a chassis is handling, but it is critical that this key information be gathered as rapidly as possible.

• Displays all four tire averages.
• Displays tire temperatures simultaneously.
• Stores 10 sets of tire &/or brake temperatures.
• Displays 14 tire temperatures.
• Displays 4 brake temperatures & calculates front/rear bias.
• Measures tire & brake temperature in any sequence.
• Enter tire temperatures automatically via tire probe, manually via keypad.
• Back-lit display.
• Standard RS232 output to computer or printer.
• Selectable in fahrenheit or celsius.
• Standard 9-volt battery operation.

Includes pyrometer/timing unit, type K mini tire probe, and carrying case.


Item Catalog # Price USD
Intercomp Memory Tire / Brake Pyrometer System 102034 86.210 $409.00

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