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ART Laser Toe Angle Gauge

CAD designed specifically for solving the problem of accurately gauging toe angles on race cars having a minimum static ride height of 1/2 inch.

Our gauge has the ability to take toe/tracking angle readings on front or rear suspension of any race car without having to remove low aerodynamic body work.

This fully portable laser system weighs less than twenty pounds. It comes with all hardware, instructions, and angle to fraction conversion charts if needed for toe angle gauging.

Resolution: 1/60º or approximately .004"on a 15" wheel.
Toe accuracy better than Bear & Hunter alignment systems.
Readings in less than two minutes.
Level surface not required.
Wheels from 5" to 28".
Battery powered.
Optional case available.

Item Catalog # Price USD
ART Laser Toe Angle Gauge 85.210 please call
Accessories Catalog # Price USD
ART Laser Toe Angle Gauge Carrying Case 85.215 please call

Optional carrying case.

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