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ART Laser String
Four Wheel Alignment System

Primary uses for the "Laser String" include; rear axle alignment, toe/tracking alignment, and track offset.

Unlike the traditional laser that emits a single point laser beam, the laser string emits a vertical laser line to create a laser plane vertical and parallel to the tire surface.

The goal in the design of the laser string was to provide a single mechanic the ability to perform a rear axle alignment using a procedure similar to the most common string methods used today, hence the name "Laser String".

Advantages of laser string over traditional string methods:

• The elimination of a second mechanic that is typically needed in the string method.
• Eliminates the mechanic's judgment that a string is accurately aligned to the surface of the tire.
• The elimination of having to realign the string after an adjustment to the rear axle.
• Repeatability.
• Increased speed in performing an alignment which saves valuable labour.

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