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ART Laser Bump Steer Gauge

Everything you need in one small carrying case.

The principle behind the gauge is very simple. Any light, in this case a laser, that is reflected from a surface will reflect at an angle twice the angle at which it struck the surface. Therefore, if the surface you are reflecting off has changed orientation, the direction of the reflected light will also change. The laser beam is reflected off the mirror on to a surface or target behind the laser head. Increasing the distance of your target from the wheel increases the accuracy.

From here you simply move your suspension up and down to see the total horizontal movement of the laser beam. If the laser beam moves horizontally this indicates a change in toe. You then adjust your tie rod or steering rack position to produce the smallest movement of the laser beam, thus reducing bumpsteer. Simultaneously if you see the laser beam move vertically this represents a change in camber.

Item Catalog # Price USD
ART Laser Bump Steer Gauge 85.310 please call

How we differ from conventional bumpsteer gauges:
The device accuracy is variable by increasing the target distance.
It is a compact unit, 1/2 the size of a attaché case.
Does not require large bulky frame work.
Does not require large specialized plates to be mounted to the hubs.
Universal to all race cars
Since you are viewing a laser beam spot on a target you have a visual change in bump steer vs. having to watch confusing dial indicator movement.
Shows camber change due to bump which can not be done by any other bump steer gauge.
The laser can be used for many other uses.
The precision of the unit never changes and is never affected by weather or temperature.
By utilizing graph paper for a target, engineers can plot bump steer and camber change simultaneously.

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